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Direct Care Surgery in the Pacific Northwest

Veritas is a multi-specialty direct surgical care group that serves self-funded buyers, allowing them to bypass the gatekeepers and artificially inflated prices of traditional insurance networks. By sidestepping insurance carriers, we are able to offer genuinely shoppable pricing that is significantly lower than the smoke-and-mirrors pricing that is typical in the industry. We pay our surgeons well, treat them better than insurance companies do, and eliminate the misaligned incentives that pervade the insurance model.

Veritas Surgery publishes comprehensive bundled pricing with no hidden fees; what you are quoted is what you pay. Our primary patient demographic is the self-funded buyer, which includes individuals, healthcare cost-sharing ministries, self-insured employers, and the TPAs & brokers that represent them. But even traditionally insured individuals may save money by paying out of pocket, especially if they have a high deductible plan.