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What is included in the Veritas price?
The prices listed on our website include the initial consultation, surgeon’s fee, the anesthesia fee, the facility fee, standard implants (speciality implants quoted separately), routine postoperative follow up visits, routine durable medical equipment, and pathology exams (if applicable). If your surgeon recommends a specialty implant or medical device, you will receive an updated guaranteed quote for that after your consultation.

How long is this price valid?
All quoted prices are valid for 60 days after your initial consultation. 

How much does consultation cost?
The initial consultation visit with your surgeon costs $200. If you proceed with surgery, you will only receive a single bill for the listed total. If after speaking to the surgeon you do not proceed, you will only be responsible for the $200 fee. 


When and how do I pay?
All payments are made directly to Veritas Surgery. After your consultation, if you and your surgeon decide to proceed with surgery, you will receive a guaranteed price quote for the specific plan of care that you discussed. If you are not going to proceed with surgery, you will receive a bill for the consult fee.

In some situations, your surgeon will not able to determine exactly what CPT code will be used until surgery is underway. If this is the case, your quote will be based on the price of the most expensive possibility. You will see line items for the alternate codes with a price listed but a quantity of zero. Your final bill will reflect the line item of the actual code performed.

Your quote may also include secondary procedures that your surgeon thinks may be necessary. Any secondary or additional procedures provided at the same time are billed at 50% of list price and are indicated by a quantity of 0.5 on the line item. You will only be billed for the secondary procedure(s) if it is performed.

If you accept the price quote, a surgery date will be scheduled, and you will be billed a deposit of 50% of the maximum total with payment due no later than 10 days before the scheduled date of surgery, and the remaining balance due 10 days after surgery. Your remaining balance that is due post surgery may be smaller than your deposit (if, for example, a quoted secondary procedure was not performed), but it will never be larger than your deposit.

What payment methods does Veritas Surgery accept?
Payments may be made by credit card, ACH bank transfer, cash, or check. Your invoice will contain a link to a secure payment portal for bank card and ACH options.

Are there payment arrangements available?
Veritas can accommodate payment arrangements on a case by case basis, especially if you are member of a reputable cost-share ministry. Please contact us to discuss options.


Does Veritas Surgery accept insurance? 

Veritas Surgery does not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial insurance payments. 

Will this cost apply to my deductible?

In almost all cases, commercial insurance will not allow Veritas Surgery costs to count towards your in network deductible. These costs may be counted towards your out of network deductible which may or may not reduce the costs of other healthcare this year for you. For many patients with high deductible plans, paying out of pocket may still represent a lower cost than paying your deductible and copay through insurance. Veritas Surgery is happy to help you explore the potential costs and savings of your particular situation. 


What surgeons work with Veritas Surgery?

Veritas Surgery works hard to select the best surgeons in each location that we serve. Our physicians come highly recommended by their peers and well reviewed by their patients. You can read more about each one here.  We are always looking to partner with other top notch surgeons so please contact us if you have recommendations or requests. 

Which surgeon will I see?

You may select any of our surgeons based on your surgical need. If you have no preference we are happy to recommend one.