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Board member highlight: Larson Hicks

Congratulations to Larson Hicks, who was recently elected to the board of directors!

Larson Hicks is a businessman, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate of free market medicine.

Mr. Hicks currently serves as the CEO of Sycamore Independent Physicians–a locum tenens agency dedicated to bringing reform and price transparency to the world of independent traveling physicians. Sycamore believes that the healthcare system in America desperately needs a grassroots transformation led by physicians. Their mission is to enable and empower as many physicians as possible to “unplug from the matrix” and become autonomous, independent contractors with greater control over their careers. Mr. Hicks took the helm of Sycamore in 2018, raised enough seed capital to get the company off the ground, and has since brought it to debt free profitability, with 2022 on track to be the biggest growth year yet.

Larson and his wife Bethany live in Huntsville, Alabama with their seven children. He was instrumental there in the planting of Trinity Reformed Church where he currently serves as a ruling elder.

He is a terrifying force of nature on the Rugby field.

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